Why Is My Window Well Filling With Water

How to Fix a Window Well That’s Filling With Water

Having windows in a basement not only brings in much-needed natural light but can also serve as an emergency egress. Of course, when there are windows, there also have to be window wells unless you enjoy a view of dirt. A window well offers space for all that light and air, in addition to creating a barrier to retain back the soil.

Window wells play a significant role. And, for all its virtues, they are nothing but a big opening in the ground that is next to a foundation. And, like any big opening, it has the potential to fill up with water during a heavy rainstorm.

When a window well fills with water, it will put the basement window to the test by creating pressure and holding water that will try to gain access to the basement.

So, what is the solution to fixing a window well that is filling with water?

Fixing or preventing a window well from filling with water is all about the drain and the cover.

Window Well Drain – Every window well must come with a drain that will allow water to exit the well and not build to a level that creates a seepage problem. Drains can be connected to either the interior or exterior drain tile or can be run to where a proper slope exists. With a well-constructed drain, a window well should never fill up with water.

So, one way to fix a window well filling with water is to unclog the drain. Cleaning dirt and debris from the opening to the drain is a relatively simple job; however, if the drain has become clogged below the surface, you will find it more difficult to unclog it. The best way to deal with a clogged window well drain is to stop it from clogging in the beginning. This can be achieved by installing a proper window well cover.

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