Myths About Egress Window Well Covers

The Myth of One Size Fits All Window Well Covers

Egress window well covers are one of those items you think are sold as a one size fits all or at least one size will fit most. That is what most people want you to believe. Most big box stores want consumers to measure their windows and then go to the store and buy the size that is close to your measurements.

Some online window well-covering sellers will try to entice you to skip this and order straight from them.

However, unless your window well covers are custom-made, chances are that the cover will not do its job properly. Only custom-made covers will give your basement and window well the protection it requires.

If your window covers are not custom-made, this will occur:

  • There will be cracks and gaps that allow the rain or melting snow to come in. Water seeping through the smallest of spaces will create a massive issue.

  • There will be spaces that small animals and rodents can gain access. Did you know that a mouse is able to squeeze its body through a crack the size of a pencil? Food for thought, is it not?

  • Small spaces will allow heat and air to escape. A custom-made window well cover will save you on energy costs.

  • You will need to trim the window well covering to fit. Maybe you don’t have the tools, experience, or time to do this. Or maybe you are worried about making a mess of it? When you buy custom, there is no trimming, as this will actually void the warranty.)

  • Your window covering does not take into account the likes of drains, pipes, or other special considerations around the window well. You could be left to jerry-rig around such things making your window covering even more ineffective, not to mention an eye sore.

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